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Superlight Carbon 110S


After months of testing with the TEAM Research & Development, we are pleased to present the NEW SUPERLIGHT CARBON 110S paramotor with the innovative MECHANICAL TWIST SYSTEM for tilting arm.

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The first company all over the world that implements the carbon fiber paramotor.

FLYMECC, after in-depth study, is pleased to present the new Carbon frame. The continued research for innovation of the company, driven by the passion of its Staff, has allowed the development of a chassis for paramotor with the very high technological content. This comes from the combination of Robomecc and SKYengines productions that led to the acquisition of an innovative product characterised by state-of-the-art solutions and unique design.

Carbon Filter

The use of carbon fiber in some models has allowed to obtain stiffness and lightness at the same time

ITV Sails Reteiler

Logo ITV



High stiffness and extreme lightness guaranteed by the use of carbon fiber for most components.


ERGAL details obtained from full through CNC machine anodised in various colors.

Total Safety

Revolutionary hooking systems for total safety

Vibration Removal

Plastic coupling details with differentiated chemical composition in order to have a good damping of vibrations and breaks point programmed in case of impact.


Attractive design dictated by exposed carbon and gritty ergal details.

Maximum Balance

The new semi-bumped seat gives the best balance allowing the flight without needing correction with the sail.

Rich Equipment

The equipment is completed with a hand made bag in which to store all the components of the frame.

Clear Agreements

numerated frame to ensure maximum clarity with the costumer just in case.


Two stroke SKYengines 100cc or NEW SKY110S engine liquid cooled for reliability and high performance.

Maximum compatibility

Specific cross vault to accommodate most engines present on the market.

About Us

Our decades of experience helped more and more customers to choose our products to fly safely and with maximum comfort.