Utilizing propellers approved and tested by SKYENGINES SRL ensure a perfect function of the motor. Propellers approved and recommended and tested by us assure:

The use of uncertified or unrecommended propeller, may nullify the warranty on engine parts.The recommended propellers are listed in the site section Accessories—> Propellers.


  • Removable carbon cage in 4 parts
  • Diameter 130 cm "out of the cage"
  • Arms made of 7075 T6 anodized alloy
  • Color: Carbon / Red, Carbon / Blue, Carbon / Orange
  • 2 strokes Engine SKY 100 liquid cooled
  • Power 18 HP at 10,200 rpmi
  • Engine size 100 cc Nikasil alloy cylinders
  • Electronic ignition
  • WG8 Walbro carburetor with silent air filter
  • Oil bath gearbox
  • Two pieces propeller or wood propeller diameter 123 cm
  • Manual Starter
  • 12 liters tank
  • Weight 28kg, wiring range
  • Recommended Weight 60-110 Kg single-seat
  • Thrust 60 Kg at 10200 rpm with bi-wood or carbon blades, 55kg with three-bladed carbon blade
  • Average consumption: 3-3.5 liters / hour
  • Bolster low barrel, low sail attachment: For more sporty driving, including hot seat guidance (paragliding technique)

With this model, you will feel better contact with the veil, but it will also be a bit more "shaken" when the conditions are stronger. The designer told us that he put all his effort into developing weight distribution so that the center axis of the engine is aligned with the paramotor gravity center. This study has led to reducing undesired oscillations when power is cut and gas.